Euclid & Oaks 2.0 Live Show

Episode: 11/24/2020

Euclid & Oaks 2.0 Episode: 11/24/2020
Euclid & Oaks 2.0 Episode: 11/24/2020

We are back!

We are now doing the show from our position at the Death Star manning the radar screen as secret undercover agents for the Rebel Alliance.

On this episode we had a visit from our friends Kai and Viking, We talked about ETH 2.0, our friends Trevor and ALOTTA MONEY’s amazing NFT art that sold for 260 ETH, We check the price of Bitcoin, Tamara gives an excellent Thanksgiving day food tip, roasts me as usual and even gives me a compliment and so much more! All while dodging the judging eyes of Darth Vader and the occasional alien.

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